BEER LECTURE: Five Beers Over Canada

Heritage Ottawa Lecture - Five Beers Over Canada
Heritage Ottawa is hosting a lecture about Canada's love affair with beer.  From the website:

This entertaining illustrated lecture will provide an intoxicating history of Canadians' love affair with beer.  Five beers over Canada is the story of a country told in five glasses.  Beer is our drink – almost always has been.  But what kind of beer we drank changed over time.  From the pioneer's brown ale.  To the tavern-goer's dark porter.  From the Victorian's  pale ale.  To our dad's watery lager.  And right up to the modern drinker's craft beer.  It's about flavour and taste, and a whole lot more.Not just what we drank, but where, and how, and why.  And we can all drink to that! 

While the audience enjoys some tasty suds, Ian Coutts will explore with us the history of beer in Canada.  Ian is the author of Brew North, an extensively illustrated history of beer and all it entails in the narrative of Canada.  His other books include Titanic: The Last Great Images (with Robert Ballard), Backyard Bird s(with Robert Bateman), and The Ultimate Guys' Q and A (released in the United States as Do Nymphomaniacs Really Exist?).

The lecture will be held at the Heart & Crown in the Byward Market on Wednesday, June 12 at 7:00pm.

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