FEATURE: Capital Mashup – Josh Larocque, Broadhead Brewing Co.

Broadhead brewing at Amsterdam Brewery

Carney Kilian, brewer at Broadhead Brewing Co. and Iain McOustra, brewer at Amsterdam Brewery.

To get a better idea of what the brewers have been collaborating on
we interviewed the Ottawa breweries involved in The Brewery Market //
Capital Mashup
.  Check back during the week of June 30 – July 6 for a
preview of what's going down July 7 in Parkdale Park.

Our second interview is with Josh Larocque, head brewer at Broadhead Brewing Company in Ottawa.  For the Capital Mashup he and brewer Carney Kilian were teamed with Iain McOustra of Amsteram Brewery.  Broadhead brews six regular beers and the occasional seasonal out of their DIY brewery in an industrial park off Hunt Club.  This past October they moved to a larger spot in the same warehouse and increased production.  Now there won't as many fights over the last growler of Wild Card Ale.

Ottawa Beer Events: Can you tell us about the collaboration beer?

Josh Larocque: The Amsterdam/Broadhead
collaboration was a lemon-lime wheat beer (light on the wheat,) fermented with
a clean yeast.  The lemon flavour is from fresh lemon zest (bought from
the old Maple Leaf Gardens, which is now a Loblaws!) and peeled while waiting
for the wort to come up to a boil.  The lime flavour is from ample
additions of Sorachi Ace hops late in the boil.

Collaborations are as
unique as the breweries themselves.  Perhaps even more so, given that it
typically falls on only a couple individuals at the brewery to pull it off.
 In this case, the Amsterdam head brewer Iain McOustra and I emailed back
and forth on a few ideas before settling on a style.  In true microbrew
fashion (we always seem to leave things till the last minute) we were still
planning the final grain bill as I jumped into my car and headed down to
Toronto.  When we (Carney Kilian [Broadhead brewer] and I) arrived at the
Amsterdam brewery, Iain had already prepared the grains based on his equipment,
but left the wheat additions variable and it was a gametime decision as to what
ratio we wanted.  We quickly decided, fired up the mash then got on to
important things like sampling beer directly out of the fermenters (even if it
was 11AM!)

How did you like brewing in their facility?

Brewing in the
Amsterdam facility was a great experience.  Their operation is much larger
than Broadhead, about 5 times the brewhouse output, and they brew much more
frequently than us.  The collaboration brew took place on their pilot
system, which at the scale of the brewery around us, made it feel like we were
homebrewing again!  It made for a fun and relaxing brew with some great

Were there any challenges? Did anything throw you for a loop?

There weren't really
any challenges, everything went pretty smoothly.  Just the typical little
things, like the propane tanks on the brewhouse were swapped, so trying to
light the mash burner when it was really the boil burner that had gas!

What other beers will you have available at the Capital Mashup?

At the Captial Mashup
we will have a couple of our other regular brews.  Varieties will depend
on our current stock at the time.

The Ottawa Brewery Market // Capital Mashup will be held on July 7,
2013 at Parkdale Park (12pm – 8pm).  Admission is free with food/drink
tickets being sold at the door.  It's family/pet-friendly and will go on
rain or shine – prepare yourself for the Ottawa weather.

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