FEATURE: Capital Mashup – Organizers Cass Enright & Taralyn Marshall

To get a better idea of what the brewers have been collaborating on we interviewed the Ottawa breweries involved in The Brewery Market // Capital Mashup.  Check back during the week of June 30 – July 6 for a preview of what's going down July 7 in Parkdale Park.

Our final interview is with Brewery Market co-founder and Bar Towel Founder, Cass Enright and his Ottawa counterpart, Taralyn Marshall.  

Ottawa Beer Events: Can you tell us about yourself and how you got involved with The Brewery Market?

Taralyn Marshall: I moved to Ottawa, from Toronto last year. Cass had been running successful Brewery Market's in Toronto for years, and I knew it was something that needed to happen in Ottawa. Beer Gardens? Yes, please!
How did the idea of the Capital Mashup come up?

Cass Enright: When we got a sense of our Toronto and Ottawa schedules, the July events were very close together (Jul 1 in TO, Jul 7 in Ott), so we started to think it would be great if the events could be tied together somehow. And seeing that it was the week of Canada Day, we thought something around celebrating each cites' beer scenes together would be ideal. Hence the idea of the Mashup, to bring together brewers from each city to do the collaboration beers.

How were the breweries chosen to be paired up?

Cass: The guys from GLB knew the guys from Cassel, so we paired them up. BtP was the newest brewery in Ottawa, and Indie was one of the newest in Toronto as well, so we paired them together. Then we put Broadhead together with Amsterdam. Everyone's collaborations went great and the brewers from both cities got to meet each other which is great for the Ontario beer scene.

Hintonbuger will be serving up food on July 7, will they be doing any food mashups?

Hintonburger are known for infusing delicious beer into their already scrumptious burgers – taking them over the top. Last year Hintonburger grilled up some HogsBack back bacon burgers, and Beau's burgers. We're anticipating something similar on July 7, though Thomas from Hintonburger likes to keep us anticipating what he'll be doing – so we'll have to show up to find out!

Will the August and October Brewery event's have a theme?

Taralyn: I always love when the events are worked to a theme.

Cass: We're working on it. We've sketched out the brewery lineups for each event, so once we get through the Mashup we'll get to work on the next ones!

Which collaboration are you looking forward to trying the most?

Taralyn: This question is too hard! I've been counting the days to these collaboration brews, and couldn't pick just one now!

Cass: Toronto has tried them all and he can report that they are all delicious. If the weather is warm the GLB/Cassel Cranberry Saison and Amsterdam/Broadhead Wheat Pale Ale with Lemon will be a perfect fit. But the Indie/BtP Golden Devil Belgian Ale packs a punch at 7.77% and is just awesome.

The Ottawa Brewery Market // Capital Mashup will be held on July 7,
2013 at Parkdale Park (12pm – 8pm).  Admission is free with food/drink
tickets being sold at the door.  It's family/pet-friendly and will go on
rain or shine – prepare yourself for the Ottawa weather.

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