FEATURE: An Interview w/ Patrick Fiori, Clocktower Brewmaster

Clocktower brewmaster Patrick Fiori
Along with their staples, The Clocktower Brew Pub routinely releases a variety of seasonal beers. We recently had the opportunity to  interview brewmaster Patrick Fiori on their upcoming summer beer releases. 

Ottawa Beer Events: Tell us about yourself and how you got involved with brewing?
Patrick Fiori: I have been brewing professional for 8 years.  I have an BSc chem and biochem from the U of Saskatchewan.  I was also a big homebrewer with an interest in beer culture.  I did not want to work in a lab so I went to the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at the Heriot-Watt Univeristy in Edinburgh and received an MSc in Brewing and Distilling.  Shortly after I came to Ottawa and ended up at the Clocktower.

What is one of your favourite styles of beer? Why?

One of my favorite styles is the a munich dunkel.  I enjoy maltier beers and the beautiful dark flavors while the body remains light, it is unbelievable.  

What do you think is the best beer you've brewed so far?

The best beer that has come from the Clocktower has been the APA released last summer.  It was hoppy without being overly bitter and a perfect malt backing with a nice dry finish.

Can you tell us about the Clocktower’s summer line-up? 

We are very excited about the Clocktower Summer Beer line up.  Right now we have our Wit available, it is a belgian style wheat beer with orange peel and cardamon.  Next up is our 613-Sour-Ale, a 2.9% ultra refreshing beer with a tart finish reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemonaid.  We will be re-releasing our popular ginger beer after that followed by the APA in late August.
What made you chose to do a Sour Ale? Can you explain how a sour ale is made? What makes it sour?

The sour beer is a beer currently on the up-swing in canada.  It is interesting from a beer perspective but for the non-beer officiandoes, it is a low alcohol thirst quenching beer that is perfect for the dog days of summer on the patio.  A sour beer is made by adjusting the brewing practice to enable some of the bacteria that normally grows on malt to do its thing and create that sourness.  Normally the temperatures are too high and the bacteria is killed off early on.  We have adjusted temperatures to allow it to thrive (in a controlled environment)!

What do you think is in the future for Craft Beer in Ottawa?

I think that for the next couple of years, the breweries that need to be in place are in place and we will see a proliferation of brands and interesting beers.  As the breweries find new ways to appeal to the customers, the consumers will become more educated and demand more.  This cycle will repeat itself several times.  

You can sample these new summer releases along with their regular selections at one of the 4 Clocktower locations in Ottawa. 

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