FEATURE: Prud’homme Beer Certification Creator – Roger Mittag


The Prud'homme Beer Certification program offers three levels of certification from beginner to expert and covers an in-depth look of history, styles and taste profiles of beer as well as cooking with beer and food pairings. 

Starting in September Prud'homme Beer Certification will be hosting a four week level one (beer enthusiast) class at Kichesippi Beer Company.  To learn more about the program we talked with its creator, Roger Mittag.

Ottawa Beer Events: How
long have you been working in the beer industry?  

Roger Mittag: 15 wonderful years.  I started with Oland
Specialty Beer Company
in 1997.

What made you create a certification program?

knew that people wanted more information – it wasn’t really the certification
side of it that intrigued me, I was more interested in the learning and
development components – someone also suggested to me that if I didn’t do it
soon, the window of opportunity would close.

What is the Prud'homme Beer Certification and how does
it differ from other courses on the market?

It is a very comprehensive beer program that
focuses on providing the learning with an opportunity to learn with
others.  The program is geared toward all beer – I would argue that it is
more complete and thorough than other programs and it is not just a test to
asses knowledge.  It actually provides hands-on experience

In the level one class hosted at Kichesippi Beer Co.
what can (beer) students expect from the four sessions?

The course is split into 5 topics – brewing concepts, understanding beer (with some tastings), draught beer quality, pouring and serving and beer and food.  A break down of what is covered under those topics and the learning outcomes can be found on the Prud'homme website.

Who will be teaching the level one class?

Jeff O’Reilly from D’Arcy Magee’s.

Will students be able to continue with the Prud'homme Certification
with an Ottawa Level Two class?

Absolutely – we just haven’t figured out how
this will look.  Right now, it will be a combination program that includes
the online theory portion and an in-class sensory session.  I’m testing
this concept out right now and will be hosting it in Vancouver later this year.

There are a limited number of seats available for the level one course hosted at Kichesippi Beer Company starting on Monday, September 9.  There are 4 classes in total with a fee of $249 (plus tax), registration can be done online.

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