BEER&MUSIC: Beau’s Mixtape Summer 2013

Beau's Mixtape Summer 2013
Summer is here and so is the
Beau’s Mixtape summer edition
! In partnership with The Grid and Audio
Blood, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. announces the launch of the summer
mixtape featuring great homegrown artists from across Canada.

music and indie beer belong together. Beau’s is devoted to helping
independent artists and the Mixtape is a great way for us to do this,”
says Steve Beauchesne, Beau’s co-founder.

The second edition features such indie favourites as: Mother Mother, The Wooden Sky, Dusted, By Divine Right,, The BB Guns, The Danks, Hannah Georgas, Raine Maida, and many more.  The mixtape is available FOR FREE for 3 months. Fans can stream and download the tracks at:

Tracklisting for Mixtape #2:
1.      Leave a Light On – The Wooden Sky
2.      Summer Luvin – The Danks
3.      Bit By Bit – Mother Mother
4.      Robotic – Hannah Georgas
5.      This Guy Reads From A Card – The Flatliners
6.      How To Kill A Man – Raine Maida
7.      Vampyre –
8.      Iron Streams – Beliefs
9.      Arrows – Evening Hymns
10.    Property Lines – Dusted
11.    Want You To Know – Miesha & The Spanks
12.    I Wanna Go South – Brews Willis
13.   More Thorns – By Divine Right
14.   Baby I Hate You- The BB Guns
15.   Goodnight / Sleeptight – Rob Moir

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