FEATURE: Oktoberfest Run – Organizer Laura Walker-Ng

Ottawa's Oktoberfest Run
The next few months are jammed packed with some of our favourite beer festivals of the year so it's important to take a few moments between festivals to exercise – especially if it has a beer-y twist.  Introducing the Oktoberfest Ottawa 5K Run – a fun run (or jog, or walk) along the Queen Elizabeth Driveway that loops back to The Arrow and Loon.  Not only do participants get a free beer at the end of the 5k, but they get to feel all warm and fuzzy inside because they're also raising funds for Team Diabetes!  We chatted with Laura Walker-Ng, one of the race organizers:

Ottawa Beer Events: Why an Oktoberfest run?

Laura Walker-Ng: After joining Team Diabetes in 2010 I started training
for my first 10K run. I had just started running and joining the team
really pushed me to go out and train for my event in Iceland. Once there
I changed my event to a half marathon and the rest is history. 

I now work for the Canadian Diabetes Association and encourage others to get active and challenge themselves.  I
love running in the Fall and a friend and fellow Team D alumni
recommended an Oktoberfest theme. I found it a perfect fit and I've
really loved planning this event so far!

What is Team Diabetes?  Is there a reason why you’re supporting it?

Team Diabetes is the Canadian Diabetes Association's activity based fundraising program.  I
originally signed up with Team Diabetes to support diabetic friends and
family members. I didn't expect the change it would have on my
lifestyle and everyday life.

On the website you’re encouraging people to dress up in costume, will there be prizes for the best Oktoberfest themed costume?

Yes, there will be great prizes for best individual and group costumes.
We will have several categories where you can win but we will only be
announcing them at the run. This is a fun run and everything about it is
going to be fun.

Which beer will you be enjoying after the race?

Mill Street Brewery will be supplying the beer for the event.

Registration is $30 (until September 20 then it increases) and includes a complimentary beer.  T-shirts, sweaters and a Wunderbar Breakfast Feast are extra and can be purchased online when you register.

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