BEER&MUSIC: Arboretum Arts Festival 2013

Arboretum Arts Festival 2013
Arboretum Arts Festival 2013 kicks of today!  The festival is showcasing the city's best chefs in their CHEF SESSIONS, as well as curating some of the best established and underground acts in the city.  Some of their main musical acts include Ottawa's Jim Bryson, Arcade Fire's Sara Neufield, Owel Pallett (2006 Polaris winner), and 33 more!

Kichesippi Beer Company will be on hand pouring Natural Blonde, 1855, Wuchak UK, Manx20 and Arboretum Session Ale.  We chatted with Sheena Sherwood from Kichesippi and got the scoop on the special festival beer:

Our Session Ale is made with Canadian and German malts that delivers a light malt flavour in a yellowish gold colour.  German noble hops deliver a firm hop aroma without being overly bitter.  At 4.3% ABV Session Ale is a perfect quaffing beer for our summer!

Tickets for Arboretum Arts Festival and the CHEF SESSIONS are available online!

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