FEATURE: Beau’s Oktoberfest Bike Ride

The Oktoberfest Ride Route

Oktoberfest is soon approaching and people are scrambling to secure rides to and from the Vankleek Hill Fairgrounds.  If you're comfortable on your bike, want a Beau's cycling jersey and want to support an awesome charity maybe this 94km Oktoberfest Ride is for you.

We chatted with Lyndell Montgomery from Beau's All Natural Brewing Company about the upcoming bike ride to Vankleek Hill.

Ottawa Beer Events: Where did the idea for the Oktoberfest Ride come from?
Lyndell Montgomery (Beau's): The outstanding Dr. Karine Langley approached me with the idea of doing a ride this year.  She is an avid cyclist as well as a fundraising guru so truly it was her vision and Beau's was able to jump on board with the creative and infrastructure support needed to pull it off.  We are also working closely with Kunstadt Sports and they have been an amazing partner bringing a lot of expertise to the ride. We are all super excited!

How much is the registration fee? Where does the money go?
Registration fee is $300.00 and $200.00 of that goes directly to our partner charity for this ride, The United Way.  The other $100.00 covers administrative expenses and ensures that we safely deliver  100 bikes and 100 riders back to Ottawa after they complete the ride and enjoy Oktoberfest!
94km seems like a long distance, how long do you think the bike ride will take? Is this ride appropriate for all cyclists?
For some, the ride will take 3 hours and for other it may take 5.  That said, there are ride leaders who will be staggered throughout the ride and are there to ensure everyone is safe. No one will be left behind and those that want to race the route will also have ride leader support!

What happens if a bicycle breaks down?
Enter the awesome support team at Kunstadt Sports who will have a support van on the ride and are there to help with any mechanical issues as well as to transport riders personal effects to Oktoberfest.

What’s included in the VIP experience that cyclists get when they reach the fairgrounds?
Rider kits are comprised of: Beau's Cycling jersey & cap, food voucher, beer tokens, pretzel and an Oktoberfest hat, as well as transportation for riders and their bikes back to Ottawa.  Pretty sweet!

To register for the Oktoberfest Ride download the Registration Form and either fax it back to Beau's at 613-678-3356 or email it to lyndell@beaus.ca.

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