FEATURE: An Interview with Brew Donkey’s Brad Campeau

Brad Campeau of Brew Donkey
What if you live in Barrhaven but want to get a shiny growler of Cassel Brewery's Golden Rails Honey Brown without the commute? Do you have visitors coming to town and want to show them the brewery scene in Ottawa but don't know where to begin? There's a new business in town that will solve those dilemmas!  We recently sat down with owner of Brew Donkey, Brad Campeau to find out a bit more about this new venture.

Ottawa Beer Events: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your new business Brew Donkey.

Brad Campeau (Brew Donkey): Well my name is Brad Campeau I'm 33 and I've been living in Ottawa for 10 years. I'm originally from Windsor, Ontario but left there at 19. I'm a converted craft beer lover who is a sucker for bourbon barrel aged anything. 

My new business, Brew Donkey, is going to be a liquor delivery service that focuses on local craft beer producers. We'll offer residential beer deliveries as well as regional craft beer tours. 

Why do you think growlers have become popular with craft breweries?

It's an unconventional format that primarily touches on people's love for being off the beaten path. The breweries in Ontario have so much to deal with on the regulation end that using a bottle that is recognised as a moonshine or prohibition vessel must be a relief of some pent up emotions.  The fact that they are not returnable through the provincial stores also means that the customer have to come back to get there deposit, building instant repeat business

What can people expect from the October 12th tour?

Our first tour is going to be a lot of fun. As a this is kind of our dry run I wanted to keep it simple but exciting. We're going to Kichesippi Brewery, Broadhead Brewing, and the Clocktower Brew Pub. The final stop will be at Corner Bar and Grill for some complimentary food. On the tour bus we will have an small education session by a local home brewer.

When will your growler delivery service be online?

We are waiting on our license to be delivered, but I can expect that by mid November we will be ready to roll.

Keep up-to-date on Brew Donkey's tours and growler delivery service by following them on Twitter (@BrewDonkeyOtt) or on Facebook (The Brew Donkey).

Brew Donkey is hosting an Eastern Promises tasting tour on November 17 (11am – 6pm) that will depart from Ottawa and travel to Cassel Brewery, Beau's All Natural Brewing Company and Vankleek Hill Vineyard. $40 includes travel, tour and snacks at a craft beer bar.


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