FEATURE: An Interview with Paige Cutland from HogsBack Brewing Company

HogsBack Brewing Company

The final edition of The Brewery Market will be a blow out with 8 breweries pouring beer – Ashton
Brewing Company
, Clocktower Brewpub, Kichesippi Beer Company, Mill Street Brewery,
HogsBack Brewing Company, Whitewater Brewing Company, Barley Days and Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery.

You may have seen their Vintage Lager in the LCBO or heard about their Aporkalypse Now (an oatmeal stout brewed with real bacon), but do you know about their other seasonals or how they brew their beer? We chatted with one of HogsBack Brewing Company's founders, Paige Cutland to learn more.

Ottawa Beer Events: Can you tell us a little about HogsBack Brewing Company – how it started?

Paige Cutland (HogsBack Brewing Company): HogsBack started over a beer. No really! A local group of old friends & co-workers …Frank, Jerry, Mark & Paige were having a beer in a pub and saw the fun and enjoyment that the pub patrons were experiencing and one of the guys said, “You know, we could do this!” And so it began. 2010 saw the launch of HogsBack & our flagship Vintage Lager

How would you describe HogsBack beer?

In a word all of HogsBack beers are ‘session-able’ …meaning great taste & flavour, but not overbearing, meaning you can enjoy many …and still love the taste.Our inaugural and flagship style “Vintage Lager” is inspired by European lagers with superior flavour.

We brew this by using only premium all natural ingredients  like spring water, German lager yeast, unique hops and combining three malt types in a traditional small batch brewing method. The result is a crisp, flavourful lager experience that we hope you enjoy.

Can you explain how contract brewing works, and what your relationship is with the brewery that brews your beer? 

We find a brewer that has some unused production capacity and one that we can work closely with to develop and produce our beers.  It’s a bit of a win-win as their equipment sees greater use and we don’t have to commit the capital yet to fund a brewery.  We have great relationships in place right now that we are really happy with and so will continue to use their production capacity in place of building our own brewery…for now.

Do you plan on opening a physical brewery in the near future? 

Probably not in the near future but you never know.  The longer we can wait while we grow our volume means that we can build a larger brewery at the start and benefit from greater economies of scale.  It sure would be great to have a place to call our own and that is our goal but for right now we are very happy with our partners and are focused on growing our sales to support that brewery later on.

Which brews will you be bringing to the Ottawa Brewery Market?

We’ll be bringing our flagship and award winning Vintage Lager along with our Kilty Bastard Scotch Ale. Seeing as the event date marks 244 days until next Summer, we thought we’d have one last taste of summer with our Alohog Coconut Pale Ale (nice for the sunny weather we’ll have on Sunday).

You can follow HogsBack Brewing Company  on Twitter (@HogsBackBrewing) or on Facebook (HogsBack Brewing Company).

The Ottawa Brewery Market // October Edition will be held on October 20,
2013 at Parkdale Park (12pm – 8pm).  Admission is free with food/drink
tickets being sold at the door.  It's family/pet-friendly and will go on
rain or shine – prepare yourself for the Ottawa weather.

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