FEATURE: An Interview with Shane Waldron from The Wellington Gastropub

The Wellington Gastropub

Craft beer has exploded in Ottawa and so has the number of amazing places that serve it. We’ve done our best to list what we think are the best places in the Ottawa-area (and surrounding) to visit for a good beer experience, but there are a handful of special locales that are a step above the others. It might be because of the location, board games, and atmosphere; or maybe they just have an extensive tap list and an awesome bottle list to back it up.

Wherever you go you’re going to find some amazing local brews and people who are as passionate (if not more) about beer as you. To help you get to know these spots and what makes them so special, we’ll be featuring one per week.

This week we're featuring The Wellington Gastropub, a restaurant known for its ever changing seasonal menu from Chef/Co-Owner Chris Deraiche and a great beer selection which now includes their own in-house produced Stock Pot Ales. We chatted with Co-Owner Shane Waldron about the future of the Wellington Gastropub, Stock Pot Ales and when we could expect the next tap takeover.

Ottawa Beer Events: Can you tell us a little about yourself and The Wellington Gastropub?

Shane Waldron (The Wellington Gastropub): Grew up in Ireland, and worked in London in many restaurants – from family to fine dining, eventually finding that gastropubs made most sense, in every aspect.

What makes the Gastropub different from other restaurants/pubs?

I think when we opened 7 years ago, there were not too many restaurants in Ottawa trying to do what we set out to. Great food (thanks to Chris) with a daily changing menu, local suppliers, interesting wine list, and a craft only beer list, all in a cozy, casual setting with informed, unpretentious service. In that short time, we are now spoilt for choice with many great places to go in town. Exciting that we now have our Brewpub license, and have Stock Pot Ales pouring (thanks Nathan, Eddie & Adam). 

In the past you've let Beau's and Beyond the Pale takeover your taps, any plans for future tap takeovers?

We really enjoy doing these, and  hope to have another early in the new year. Details to follow. Stay tuned

Late in the summer fire gutted what was to be your second location in Stittsville – is it over for The Alexander?

We are also gutted. We loved that space, and were looking forward to becoming a fixture in Stittsville. Looking ahead, we will have to wait and see whether the building is going to be rebuilt.

What's next for the Gastropub?

We are in the process of getting our manufacturers license, which will give us the opportunity to  make higher gravity beers, and allow us to take Stock Pot Ales to events.  We feel very lucky to have such loyal customers in a great neighbourhood, and we never take that for granted.

To ensure you don't miss a record club meeting or a beer release be sure to follow both The Wellington Gastropub  (@thegastropub)  and Stock Pot Ales (@StockPotAles) on Twitter.

We'll be featuring a bar/resto/pub every Friday for the next couple of weeks – check back to see where you should be drinking (and eating!).

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