FEATURE: Christmas Gifts for the Beer Lover – Food

Christmas Gifts for the Beer Lover

 With Christmas just a few weeks away, we at Ottawa Beer Events want to help you find the perfect gifts for the beer lover on your list.

This week – we're featuring some fine Beer-y food items that you can find in the Ottawa area. The Beer lover on your Christmas gift will drool when they open these epicurian treasures. You might want to pick up extras in case you have the urge to sample them yourself before they are wrapped!


West End Chilies

West End Chilies specializes in the marriage of hot and sweet, combining their love of beer, chiles, smoky BBQ, and entertaining to create unique flavours that pack a punch. Now even dessert can't escape a chile or two, truly Heavenly Sweet, Hot as Hell! They develop ALL of their products at home, using home grown and locally sourced peppers. 

Where to find them: The Red Apron (Gladstone Ave), The Studio (Stittsville), Bières du Monde (Aylmer), Chilly Chiles (Manotick), Peches & Poivres (Almonte), Broue Ha Ha  (Gatineau).


Beer mustard

Mrs. McGarrigles products are all made by hand, in small batches, in their retail stores 540 square foot kitchen in Merrickville. The ingredients are all natural and have no preservatives. The mustard seeds used in Mrs McGarrigle's mustards are Candian grown. Dark british ale and course grains give this British Beer mustard a distinctly sharp flavour.  

 Where to find them: Mrs McGarrigles, Manotick or one of these many locations.


Beaus cheese

Beau’s Abbey Style Beer Washed Cheese is an old style beer washed cheese that was originally produced in the middle-ages by monks who both made cheese and brewed beer.

 The base cheese is modeled after a Swiss style of washed rind called Mütchli, a very mild cheese with a smooth, rich texture. This is an artisan, farmstead cheese. The dairy is located on Friesvale Farm near Woodstock Ontario and the animals are fed from feed grown on its 500 acres. Cheese maker Shep Yesselstein apprenticed in Switzerland, where he learned the recipe for this cheese. Gunn’s Hill is a new dairy and has been in operation for 2 years.

Where to find them: Most Farmboy Locations across Ottawa.



Beer bread

 Ass Kickin' Beer Bread (16 OZ. / 454 g): Give your bunkhouse crew a real treat, Genuine Ass Kickin' Beer Bread, hot from the oven. And we mean HOT. That itty-bitty packet of Habanero pepper inside should be treated with respect. Just add 12 oz. of your favorite beer to the Beer Bread mix and enjoy. Ingredients: Wheat Fluor, Sugar, Baking Powder, Spices, Salt, Red Bell Pepper, Garlic, and a separate packet of Habanero Powder. 

Where to find them:  Chilly Chiles in Manotick


Check back next Wednesday for more beer-y Christmas gift inspiration that doesn't involve you visiting the LCBO or Beer Store.

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