FEATURE: Gift Ideas from our Beer Loving Friends

Christmas Gifts for the Beer Lover

Continuing with our gift giving theme – with only a week to to before Santa slides down our chimneys, we thought we'd ask our beer loving friends what they would suggest for Christmas gifts for a beer lover (or what they secretly or not so secretly wish for!)

Beer Bottle Mittens



Geneviève Lepine, our talented logo designer, recommends Beer Bottle Mittens from Ravelry, a knit and crochet community



Beer Grain Necklace


Julie St. Amour, Homebrewer extraordinaire and blogger for Otown Mommy wants Santa to bring her a Barley Legal: All Grain Craft Beer Brewing Necklace and a conicle fermenter to ease her homebrewing process.







Soon to be launched Brewbellion Magazine cites a PicoBrew Zymatic™ brewing appliance as a wish list item! Imagine brewing beer in the click of a button!!!






 One of our newest Facebook followers – Darlene Marion – shared with us 3 of her top beer-y gift items: 

1) A beer caddy from daly:unstructured made from reclaimed wood. Stocked with local craft beers for an extra special touch!

2)Versatile's Beer Coasters

3) Recycled beer bottle made into beer glasses!


Beer Bottle Glasses


Tulip Glass- Grey Dave Price (twitter user@ve3bax) knows his beer glasses! We asked him about his favorite beer-y gift: 

 As a beer geek, getting beer-y gifts from non beer folks is usually a total crapshoot… it usually goes something like this "HEY! CHECK OUT THIS NEAT BEER I GOT YOU!!!" and it usually stinks ;) 
The one thing i really do like getting though is glassware.  good quality glassware makes a great gift.  if it is going to a new beer geek or a seasoned veteran my #1 pick for a glass would be a large red wine glass — my favourite is the riedel burgundy grand cru glass… they are oversized (you can fit a whole bomber in one if you want to!) they have a stem to keep your hands off it and the beer temperature more stable and its versatile.  great for a wide range of belgian beers, IIPAs, imperial stouts, saisons, barleywine etc etc – oh and i guess you could use it for wine as well… 
Other go to glass shapes that are generally cheaper and see lots of use for me would be
  • nonic pint glass Snifter Glass - Black
  • snifter (like bottle openers, you can never ever have too many!)
  • tulip 
  • pilsner glass






Thanks to our beer loving friends for sharing their Wish List items with us!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Katy and myself (Sasha) to all of our readers and fellow beer lovers! 

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