BEER RELEASE: Make’r Dark and Hogan’s Goat

Beyond the Pale's Make'r Dark

photo: btpbrewing (instagram)

Two new releases announced today.

Hogan's Goat (Beau's All Natural Brewing Company): Hogan’s Goat is a unique bock-inspired beer that has been brewed with a slight rye malt addition and adventurously spiced with peppermint, juniper, and orange peel. Offering up mingling aromas of mint and herbs, this copper-hued brew features a malty, sweet flavour that gets a pleasant cleansing lift from the addition of cooling peppermint and herbal juniper, while light orange peel adds a complementary citrus undertone.
Available from the brewery, and the LCBO (soon!).

Make'r's Dark (Beyond the Pale Brewing Company): A bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout clocking in at 10.5% ABV and 55 IBUs.  Big bourbon flavour, chocoalte, coffee notes and a lingering alcohol burn. 
Available at the brewery, limit 2 per customer.

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