BEER RELEASE: Grapefruit League Imperial Pale Ale from Mill Street Brew Pub Ottawa


On tap at the Mill Street Brew Pub, an exclusive Ottawa only brew (sorry Toronto!), Grapefruit League Imperial Pale Ale. Keg will be tapped Thursday, February 27 at 6:30pm and available while supplies last!

Here's what Joel has to say about Grapefruit League Imperial Pale Ale:

We have been thinking about brewing a big blonde American-style Imperial Pale Ale ever since we made our Curious Parrot last summer in Ottawa and now's the time to do it! We brew strong specialty beers in Ottawa in the winter (it's cold there!) and Imperial Pale Ales are an old 19th Century style that fits in with our old 19th Century building there! The liberal use of US grown Cascade hops gives the beer a very big "grapefruit" aroma and palate and bringing the beer out in the last week of February when "Grapefruit League" Major League Baseball is starting meant that the name was almost pre-determined! Lovely rich beer blond beer with a beautiful white head and long lingering hop finish.

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