BEER RELEASE: Matt’s Sleepy Time from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company


Released today is Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company's Matt's Sleepy Time, an imperial stout that has been fermented with Belgian Ale yeast, and aged on oak staves. Tastes of dark chocolate, coffee and vanilla are complemented with American hops and a true Belgian character in the finish

The "Imperial Stout" style is brewed to weigh-in high on alcohol, with the roasted, marly character typical of a stout. The Beau's brew team adds a stylistic twist by fermenting Matt's Sleepy Time with Belgian ale yeast, imparting a noticeable fruitiness and mild banana flavour, as well as hinting at a spicy, peppery character not typical of a stout.

Black in colour, with a medium-full body. Tastes of mocha and dried raisins or figs with mild spicy, peppery notes, and a lingering, warming alcohol finish. Hints of vanilla come courtesy of the rest on oak staves.

Matt's Sleepy Time will be available on tap at select restaurants and pubs throughout the province, as well as in 600 ml bottles direct from the Vankleek Hill craft brewery, and in Ottawa through BYBO (, Operation Come Home’s home beer delivery service. The limited-edition Wild Oats release will retail for $7.85.

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