BEER FESTIVAL: The Brewery Market // Carb Loading – May 24, 2014

The Ottawa Brewery Market - Carb Loading - May 24, 2014

Are you running this race weekend? Experts say that carb loading can help you explode off the start line. Different experts say that beer is full of carbs. Therefore, beer + running = success. That’s science, backed by tons of experts.

Load up on hometown carbs by draining the kegs from:
Ashton Brewing Company, Beau'sBeyond the Pale Brewing Company, Cassel Brewery CompanyHogsBack Brewing Company and Whitewater Brewing Company.

Angry Dragonz and What the Truck Food Trucks will help you power up with even more delicious asian fusion + pizza carbo madness.

FREE admission.
If you joined us in April, you know that we will be pouring, even if the rain is. 

FAMILY-FRIENDLY. Hintonburg Park features a wonderful play area. Bring your chairs and frisbee and come relax for the day.

Proceeds support Ottawa Riverkeeper, because you can't make great beer without clean water.

Get more info at

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