HOMEBREW COMPETITION: National Capital Homebrew Competition 2014

National Capital Homebrew Competition 2014

Announcing the 2014 National Capital Homebrew Competition The competition will coincide with the National Capital Craft Beer Festival to be held on the third weekend in August.  

We are making this competition truly a national event, as such we’ve put together a dedicated team of homebrewers from Ottawa and Cornwall to help make sure the competition goes as smoothly as possible.

This is a BJCP sanctioned competition, categories 1-23 will be accepted, no meads or ciders please.

There will be a limit of one entry per brewer per sub category.

The cost will be $6.00 per entry.

Entries will not be accepted after Thursday July 17th.   Drop off locations and mailing addresses will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

The winners will be announced on Sunday August 17th during the final day of  the National Craft Beer Festival.  A list of the winners and the various styles will be announced on this website by no later the Monday the 18th of August.

Score sheets will be in the mail and should be received approximately two weeks after the end of the competition. 

Winning participants unable to attend will be notified by email that their beer or beers have won.

For more information on prizes please see http://nationalcapitalhomebrew.tumblr.com/ or follow the competition on Twitter (@nchbcompetition).

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