BEER RELEASE: Mexican General from Whitewater Brewing / VersaTile

Mexican General from Whitewater Brewing/VersatileVersaTile and Whitewater Brewing Company have teamed up to create a beer namd after the Mexican General who Almonte is named after - Juan Nepomuceno Almonte.

For those who don't know, the town of Almonte was named after Juan Nepomuceno Almonte. He was a Mexican General who served in the Battle of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution.
As far as our research tells us, Juan Nepomuceno Almonte is the only Mexican General in history to have both a Canadian town and a beer named after him.
Named in honour of the great Mexican General Juan Almonte, this light, refreshing summery beer is an homage to his homeland. Hints of citrus and a crisp finish make it the perfect beer for a warm summer's day in Almonte.
Mexican General is being launched on Thursday, June 26 at a sold out party, but you can get your hands on a 1.89l growler of this brew online for $23.00! Be quick though, it's already 65% sold out.

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