BEER&FOOD: Beer Pairing Dinner – East India Company and Beyond the Pale (June 17, 2014)

Beer Pairing Dinner w/ East India Company and Beyond the Pale



First Course:

Taco. Chilli panner, mint, lime and arugula served on a whole wheat tandoori roti.
Aloo Bhoonda Slider. Fried potato mash, chickpea flour, black mustard seed and mint on a soft milk bun. Slider buns supplied by Bread By Us.

Paired with Party Animal

Second Course:

Achari Salmon. Pickled B.C. Salmon
Traditional Chicken Tikka. Boneless dark meat marinated in yougurt, spiced with EIC tandoori masala and baked in our traditional clay ovens.

Paired with Rye Guy

Third Course:

Spiced Beet Salad with EIC dressing and seasoning salt 

Paired with Pink Fuzz

Fourth Course:

Seared Lamb Chops in Coconut Curry. Seasoned with EIC Garam Masala dry rub.

Paired with Imperial Super Guy

Fifth Course (dessert):

Chai Brulée with Coconut Macaroon. 

Paired with The Darkness

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