FEATURE: An Interview with Phil Dangerfield, Manager for National Capital Craft Beer Festival


This year's National Capital Craft Beer Festival will run from August 15th to August 17th at Marion Dewar Plaza. We recently had the chance to interview the Festival Manager, Phil Dangerfield regarding this year's festival.  

Ottawa Beer Events: How did you get involved with National Capital Craft Beer Festival?

Phil Dangerfield: JP Fournier approached me several years back about developing a craft beer Festival. We discussed how to develop the inroads into the industry. JP had started to establish that process as he has a great interest in developing his own craft beer. Sometime had passed and JP came to me and said that it was time to present a craft beer festival to Ottawa before somebody else does.

I got involved in the first program in the role of developing the site logistics and working with the vendors. We continued that role in the second edition. Now JP has moved on and has developed his own brewery, Turtle Island. I have taken over the management of the festival at this point in time.

How will this year’s event differ from in year’s past?

The general format for the festival is the same with a few added elements. We have brought in a stage where in the past years we had a small stage under a tent. This year we have a physical outdoor stage for the bands to play on. For this year's addition we have added Sunday. Last year we had approximately 20 craft breweries, this year seeing the number at approximate 30 breweries. We have also brought in a couple of import beers –  one from Israel and one from Thailand. And to not leave anybody out will be joined by Smokies winery from Kemptville and Angry Orchard cider.

How many breweries will be in attendance this year?

We should have 30 craft breweries and 2 import breweries as well. Please see our Who's Pouring  page on our website:  http://www.nationalcapitalcraftbeerfestival.ca

Are there options for non beer-drinkers?

For the non-beer drinkers this year we have Smokies winery from Kemptville, Angry Orchard Cider, as well our food vendors will have a range of pops juices and waters.

Is the festival family friendly?

Yes the festival is family friendly. We have seen many people enjoy the afternoon with us as there's plenty of grass to relax and sit on with little ones. Unfortunately we do not allow dogs on-site during the festival.

How much are drink tickets? Is the festival glass included in the price?

The purchase of drink tickets themselves is one dollar per ticket. The samples will vary on average between two and four tickets per sample. There are many different types of craft beers and the vendors will have varied costs for the different craft beers they are serving.

Advance tickets for the festival are available online: http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/national-capital-craft-beer-festival-tickets-12213774729

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