Cassel Brewery’s Golden Rail Feeling Under the Weather

Cassel Brewery's Golden Rail going through the labeling machine.

On Tuesday morning Cassel Brewery announced that their flagship beer, Golden Rail Honey Brown Ale, is experiencing some variation in flavour due to some changes in malt production.

Our Golden Rail is a bit under the weather lately. We knew the risk, but we were confident we would never have to face this challenge. Our Golden Rail is made with a very unique malt called Honey malt. So unique there is nothing like it in the world, no substitute. So unique there is only one company that produces it and one slight change in the production of this malt can change the whole flavour. We had a talk with the company and yes they acknowledged that no batch of honey malt they produce is the same.

The next few releases of our Golden Rail will be lighter in honey/caramel flavour. The Honey malt we received since July is missing a good part of its unique flavour. Still enjoyable but lighter in taste than that what it used to be.

We are working at tweaking the recipe in the coming weeks to compensate for this lack of flavour by adding a few more speciality malts to get it as close as possible. Who knows this may be the best thing that could've happened!

So if you come across a Golden Rail that doesn't taste the same hang on we're working hard at bringing it back to what it used to be!

Affected batches have the batch stamp "1141" and up.

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