Celebrate Local Cuisine and Local Beer at Hops & Fodder

Hops & Fodder - Ottawa, ON

Antique Skate Shop and For Pivots Sake host the second annual dinner exhibiting local cuisine paired with local breweries. Participants include:

  • Town.
  • TwoSixAte
  • Cafe My House
  • Jamie Stunt (2012 Gold Plates Winner)
  • Hooch
  • Whalesbone
  • Bridgehead Roastery
  • Beau's All Natural
  • Dominion City
  • Beyond the Pale
  • Ashton Brewing Company
  • Stone City Ales

For Pivot's Sake is a non-profit organization that was established in 2012 to engage and mentor youth in the Ottawa community. After years of throwing out used decks, seeing old trucks get tossed aside and wheels left forgotten at the skate park, we have decided to step up and try to reduce, reuse and recycle. For Pivots Sake is a program designed to get a little more life out of your old skateboard goods by recycling them with intentions to help out youth across the City of Ottawa. 

Tickets are $85.00 with beer pairing or $65.00 without and available online on Eventbrite.

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