Join Cassel Brewery for a Pint and BBQ – Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cassel Brewery - Casselman, ON

On Friday evening Cassel Brewery announced on their social media channels that they'll be hosting a meetup at the brewery with a BBQ from L'Orignal Packing

LAST MINUTE INVITATION!!! We're doing an end of summer BBQ meet up at our brewery tomorrow, Saturday, September 6, starting at 2pm. Sausages and beef jerkey from local butcher, L'Orignal Packing, will be onsite. First bite and a pint of beer is on us – given you donate to our local food bank. See you there!

Cassel Brewery is located at 715 Principale Street, Casselman, Ontario. Word on the web is that they'll have a special edition of their Caboose IPA on tap.

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