Some Tips on How to Get Your Event Noticed

Get your Ottawa Beer Event noticed!
In spite of the growing popularity of craft beer in Ottawa it can be difficult to find information about a new beer release or beer-centric event. To connect the breweries to their thirsty fans Ottawa Beer Events was formed and we’ve successfully created the connection between the craft beer fan and the often resource strapped small craft brewery.

Over the years we’ve learned that certain ways of presenting a message can impact how well it performs. We adore Ottawa craft beer and we want local craft beer to continue to grow so please consider the following when pushing out event notices:

Details are important

Craft beer fans love the details and they love connecting with the beer they’re drinking. Speaking to the style you’ve brewed, the special ingredients or why you’ve given it a particular name adds value and interest. The same principle goes with events especially when it comes to food and beer pairings which can be higher in price. The more details you provide (price, menu, story, location), the more value you build and the easier it will be to sell tickets.

Everyone loves a photo

We’ve all heard the saying that people eat with their eyes – well it’s true! Just look at the popularity of the image based social media platform Pinterest. Adding an image to your event listing or social media posting will attract more attention to your event or beer release and encourage people to share it.

Use proper spelling/grammar and triple check before hitting publish

This seems like a no brainer, but social media and event listings are pushed through regularly with small errors that can have a big impact on the message. Run your messages through a grammar check and if you’re really worried about presentation have a friend run through it again to catch those errors the spellcheck may have missed.

Send us your events and beer releases!

Yes, I’m not going to lie this was all a ruse to get you to send us your events and beer releases so we can do the work for you. With our popular social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest) not to mention our website we are able to reach a large amount of Ottawa-area beer fans at one time. All we ask is that you send us the details with a photo –

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