Cassel Brewery Releases their Harvest Ale


Cassel Brewery has released their limited edition Harvest Ale today. 

Mario Bourgeois, Co-owner and Brewmaster spoke about the beer in a post we did earlier this month on Harvest Ales: 

"We obtained hops from what was harvested back in 1920 in Fournier ON! That hop is said to be a bohemian likely Saaz. Up to 1958 they employed well over 2000 people to help during the harvesting season. A retired belgian  farmer kept some plants and multiplied them over the years. We were lucky to get 10lbs of dried hops and we are likely the first one to brew again with this hop which once was very popular. Our supplier got an interview with an 87 year old man who was the third generation  to harvest this hop, he was employing over 600 people on his farm only… yep all in Fournier ON!"

The flavours of this beer range from spicy to floral to earthy, bitterness is well balanced with an intriguing aroma.

The Harvest ale is available at Cassel Brewery however only 200 were bottled so you'll want to drop in and get some soon! 


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