KATY VS. SASHA: Night•Märzen from Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

Night•Märzen from Beau's All Natural Brewing Company

Katy and Sasha are the contributors for Ottawa Beer Events! They have distinctly different palates and in this segment they go head-to-head tasting Ottawa beer. This week they sample Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company’s Night•Märzen.


I always look forward to Beau’s Night•Märzen. The brilliant copper is a reminder that fall is on the way and that my favourite festival, Beau’s Oktoberfest, is on the horizon. Usually if I have enough money squared away I’ll order a couple of boxes of this fall treat to sustain me for a few months. This year I’ve had to survive on dribs and drabs as I’ve made a promise to myself to concentrate my beer money on homebrewing efforts. Still, this malt forward lager is delightful with flavours of toasted malt, bread and a subtle herbal and grassy hop to keep it in check.

Seek out the stock that’s left of this beer now and enjoy it while sitting in a pile of leaves, carving a pumpkin or something equally fall-y.

4/5 Bottle Caps - Ottawa Beer Events


I’m sipping on this beer on a cold fall day – the perfect time to dive into this Oktoberfest offering, who’s deep orange color reminds me of the fall leaves that are covering the ground right now.

In line with the style, the aroma is rich with munich malts which are also present in the sweet taste. It has a slight bitter, dry finish due to the 30 IBUs which is a tad higher than normal for the style but still offers a solid medium bodied beer that is great for stein clashing at Oktoberfest celebrations or hunkering down on a cold fall evening. 

image from klwatts.typepad.com

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