9 Ottawa Stouts to Try for International Stout Day!

International Stout Day - November 6, 2014

International Stout Day is a worldwide celebration of the iconic beer style, Stout. Taking place in homes, pubs, breweries and restaurants; it’s all about celebrating the craft beer revolution, relishing in this beloved beer style, sharing your photos, tasting notes and events with the world.

Here is our list of stouts that are currently being brewed in the Ottawa region to celebrate the dark brew! We recommend you visit your local pub and get a pint of the dark stuff for an apporpriate celebration.

 Ashton Brewing Company - Vanilla Stout

Deep, robust and richly rewarding, this is beer to linger over.  Distinct notes of chocolate, roasted malt and black barley … and with just enough hop bite to cut the sweetness.  Vanilla flavor is subtle, most prevalent in the aroma and imparts a silky palate.

Beau's All Natural Brewing Company - The Tom Green Milk Stout 

The Tom Green Beer displays flavours of chocolate and coffee, while delivering a creamy, velvety texture, and finishing with a mild sweetness.

Beyond the Pale Brewing Company - The Darkness 

An incredibly dark and creamy beer that will overwhelm the palate with loads of dark chocolate and coffee flavours.

Bicycle Craft Brewery - Abyss Chocolate Stout 

A dark, full-bodied, stout with hints of cocoa and chocolate malt. Made with pure organic cocoa, this stout carries subtle hints of hops, and a full, smokey flavour. 

Big Rig Brewery & Kitchen - Double Chocolate Milk Stout 

With a mocha colored head this bold and beautiful stout has layers of chocolate and roasted coffee like barley that give it a rich flavor that is intensified with the addition of Belgian bitter sweet chocolate.

Broadhead Brewing Company - Dark Horse Stout 

A full-bodied, rich and creamy oatmeal stout that bristles with bold, unbridled taste. Blending roasted malt and oatmeal for a solid footing, this smooth, dark beer has shades of bitterness that gives Dark Horse the perfect edge.

Covered Bridge Brewing Company - The Covered Bridge Double-Double

This sweet stout is full-bodied with hints of chocolate and coffee from the dark roasted malts . We don’t stop there – we double up on those flavours by adding chocolate and coffee to it once it’s done fermenting. This is one big beer!

Mill Street Brewery - Cobblestone Stout

We produce a traditional styled Irish Stout that is served using beer gas to produce that familiar creamy pour. Our black stout has a roasted malt flavour and a hint of toasted walnuts and chocolate in the finish. Select imported hops are used to dry out the finish of this ale.

Whitewater Brewing Company – Midnight Stout 

Our midnight stout captures the essence of a moonlit paddle with its rich, dark taste balanced with a hoppy bitterness and oatmeal body that furthers the intensity of this bold beer.

 Tell us what you are drinking! Use the hashtag #Stoutday and take a photo of your stout with #613beer!

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