BEER RELEASE: Beau’s All-Natural No. 51 • OG: Original Gruit


As part of #FeBREWary, Beau's will be launching a new beer each week. The first in the series, in honour of International Gruit Day, is the OG: Original Gruit.

A gruit is an ale that showcases the use of botanicals rather than hops in its spicing. OG (Original Gruit) harkens back to the roots of gruit production by employing three of the most common historical ingredients in the brew: Labrador Tea, Bog Myrtle and Yarrow.

Tasting Notes:

This deep gold, slightly hazy gruit has a mildly citrusy, herbal aroma with some malt notes. The flavour is balanced between malty sweetness and herbal bitterness. The finish is medium-long with lingering tannins and a hint of spice.

You can find this on tap at one of  the following locations:


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