BEER RELEASE: Beau’s All-Natural Farm Table: Mild Ale

Farm Table Mild Ale


As part of #FeBREWary, Beau's will be launching a new beer each week. This week is the Farm Table: Mild Ale.

Somewhat of a rare gem in recent times, Mild is a lower-alcohol brown ale that slaked the thirst of miners and other labourers in England and Wales. Since history has proven Mild Ales to be the perfect reward for hard work, go shovel your driveway (again) and then grab yourself a Farm Table Mild Ale… you’ve earned it.

Tasting Notes:
A brown-coloured ale with red highlights,which exhibits nutty, fruity and subtle caramel and roast aromas. A satisfying nutty and biscuity flavour comes through along with some sweet, plum-like fruity notes. The finish is dry with a slight suggestion of grain.

You can find this and other #feBREWary beer on tap at one of  the following locations:

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