BEER RELEASE: Beau’s All-Natural Le Coeur Noir Black IPA



As part of #FeBREWary, Beau's will be launching a new beer each week. This week's beer is a salute to homebrewers as it was brewed in collaboration with Jordan Rainhard, winner of the 2013 Toronto Beer Week Homebrew Contest.

Black IPA is contemporary American beer style that combines black beer colour, assertive hop flavour and aroma and toasty (rather than roasty) dark malt character.

Tasting Notes:

This nearly opaque black beer offers up aromas of citrusy, piney hops with malt intonations, toast and restrained mocha. The overall flavour balance favours the impression of juicy, resinous hops supported by a solid malt backbone. This strong ale is robust, but the alcohol remains well integrated.

You can find this and other #feBREWary beer on tap at one of  the following locations:

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