BEER RELEASE: Waller Street Speakeasy Red

Speakeasy red

Waller Street Brewing is releasing their first beer today – the Speakeasy Red,  which brewer Marc-André Chainey indicates "doesn't really fall into any category, but if you really want to type and label it, we call it a Belgian American Red Rye Session IPA."


A "light" beer with big taste, one smell and you'll be convinced!

This beer gave us trouble because it was never good enough for us. Through all the permutations at every trial and tribulation we always felt it could be better. We always knew there was potential for MORE. In the end the secret ingredient was the age old adage that LESS is more.

The flavours in this beer are big in nature, but it’s in the subtleties of a balanced beer that they really shine! So we made this beer into a “light beer” like no other.

Available on tap today, Friday February 20th,at the Lunenburg Pub

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