BEER PARTY: Nita Beer St. Paddy’s Day Warm Up

Nita beer

Photo c/o Nita Beer Company – Facebook

Newly opened Nita Beer Company on Colonnade Road is having a warm-up party for St. Patrick's Day this Thursday March 12th at 7pm.

The party will include a sampling of 3 new stouts:

Perfectum – A true Irish Stout:  Using a unique grain bill, this stout has notes of chocolate and a smoky flavour that is perfect for the colder weather.

Omne – Licorice Stout:  For those who like a sweeter note in their stout, this beer will satisfy.

Trium – Cinnamon and Clove Stout: Did you know there are many health benefits to cloves? This stout will cure what ails you.

Tickets are  $40 and are available through or in-store only and must be purchased by March 10, 2015 at 8PM.     

Included with your tickets: 

  • Sampling of Omne, Trium and Perfectum: 3 stouts that aim for achieving the perfection of 3’s
  • A 950 mL stout of your choice to take home
  • Light finger foods
  • A fancy Nita Beer glass for your collection
  • Great tunes, great company and chatter about beer to your heart’s content

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