BEER RELEASE: The Clocktower & Equator Coffee Roasters “Freakin’ Good Beer”

Clocktoer Freakin' Good Beer

The Clocktower Brew Pub and Equator Coffee Roasters have teamed up for "Freakin' Good Beer" which was released today, Tuesday March 10th. You can find it on tap at all Clocktower locations

Description from the Clocktower Website:

Unlike a dark porter or stout, we have added cold pressed Equator Coffee to produce a refreshing, light amber ale. Freakin’ Good Beer is now on tap at all Clocktower locations! 650ml bombers are available for sale / take out at our retail store at 575 Bank Street in the Glebe!

Freakin’ Good Beer Tasting Notes:

– Amber Ale brewed with Equator’s cold pressed “Freakin’ Good” Coffee.

– Oats, rye, and flaked barley were used with malted barley to produce a smooth body.

– Coffee flavor is muted to begin with, but builds intensity.

– Flavor is very aromatic without the bitterness of black coffee.

– Local honey from Rideau Pines Farms was used to balance the coffee, while the malt provides a bit of additional sweetness.

%Alc = 5.3% IBU = 25 SRM = 8


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