Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Local Ottawa Irish Stouts and Reds to celebrate with!

Nita's Irish Stout

Happy St. Patrick's Day Ottawa Craft Beer fans! 

An Irish stout or dry stout (in Irish, leann dubh, "black beer") is very dark or rich in colour and it often has a "roasted" or coffee-like taste. The most famous example is Guinness followed by Murphy's and Beamish.

Irish Red Ale is an ale originating in Ireland that has a reddish hue from the inclusion of a small amount of roasted barley.

There are also some local Ottawa breweries producing Irish stouts and Irish Red Ale's and we've put together a list for you! 

A toasty black ale with interwoven coffee and chocolate flavours, and the finish is quite dry with lingering roasted character.

Available at the brewery or by home delivery via BYBO

A fusion between an Irish Red Ale and an IPA. So, expect a rosy-red and bitter beer with a dry-roasted finish that'll be a perfect complement to your shamrocks and shillelaghs.

They are now available for sale at the Broadhead Brewery while they last.

We produce a traditional styled Irish Stout that is served using beer gas to produce that familiar creamy pour. Our black stout has a roasted malt flavour and a hint of toasted walnuts and chocolate in the finish. Select imported hops are used to dry out the finish of this ale.

Available at Mill Street Ottawa Brewpub, or in your local LCBO.

  • Nita Beer Company has three Irish stouts, the Perfectum, the Omne, and the Trium. Their names refer to the Rule of Three – omne trium perfectum (everything that comes in threes is perfect)

Perfectum – A true Irish Stout: Using a unique grain bill, this stout has notes of chocolate and a smoky flavour that is perfect for the colder weather.

Omne – Licorice Stout: For those who like a sweeter note in their stout, this beer will satisfy.

Trium – Cinnamon and Clove Stout: Did you know there are many health benefits to cloves? This stout will cure what ails you.

Available in the bottle shop and on tap at the Black Tomato 

A few honorable mentions for other local stouts:

Deep, robust and richly rewarding, this is beer to linger over. Distinct notes of chocolate, roasted malt and black barley … and with just enough hop bite to cut the sweetness. Vanilla flavor is subtle, most prevalent in the aroma and imparts a silky palate.

Available on tap at their Brew Pub as well as on tap at Patty's Pub and other select locations.

Think you've tasted a robust stout? Think again. The Darkness is an incredibly dark and creamy beer that will overwhelm the palate with loads of dark chocolate and coffee flavours.

Available on tap at select locations today and at the brewery Thurs – Sun.

A dark, full-bodied, stout with hints of cocoa and chocolate malt. Made with pure organic cocoa, this stout carries subtle hints of hops, and a full, smokey flavour. With a smooth finish and a subtle cocoa flavour that lingers on your palate, Abyss Chocolate Stout is distinctive and bittersweet. Rich and nearly black in colour, this stout is as dark as the abyss.

Smooth and rich, this dark roasty beer in infused with Belgian cocoa and sweet milk lactose for a uniquely tasty brew.

Available on tap at the brewery! 

A full-bodied, rich and creamy oatmeal stout that bristles with bold, unbridled taste. Blending roasted malt and oatmeal for a solid footing, this smooth, dark beer has shades of bitterness that gives Dark Horse the perfect edge.

Named for Ottawa's fabled beer train, rumoured to be buried somewhere beneath Lebreton Flats at the former site of Canadian beer baron E.P. Taylor's Bradings Brewery, Lost Train is full-bodied with notes of rich chocolate, roasted coffee and dark grains. Ottawa-grown organic oats contribute a delicious silky smoothness.

Available on tap at Corner Bar & Grill today and Fri & Sat at the brewery.

 If you are wondering where to grab a pint to celebrate, we have a list of local pubs for you!  http://www.ottawabeerevents.ca/ottawas-beer-bar-brewery-list.html


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