BEER RELEASE: Bicycle Craft Brewery’s Saffron Equinox

Saffron equinox

Bicycle Craft Brewery has released their Saffron Equinox, just in time for Norouz (the Persian New Year celebrating the start of spring and the biggest Iranian holiday of the year), Saffron Equinox uses saffron sent from their Head Brewer's mom in Iran. 

Medium-light body and an amazingly unique aroma of pure saffron, this ale will welcome in the new year with the colour of the sun that will remind you of the warm days to come. Slightly cloudy, sunshine orange in colour and a smooth finish.

Flavours of honey, hay and saffron on the palate and an aftertaste of saffron that lingers on the back of your tongue, this brew is distinct and one of a kind.

Best enjoyed at the exact start of spring (6:45pm EDT on Friday, March 20, 2015) with good friends, good food, and Iranian pistachios. 

ABV 5.4%

IBU 28

Available now at their brewery, 850 Industrial Avenue, Unit 12.   in both 1.89L ($13 + deposit) and 950ml ($7.50 + deposit)

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