There’s a New Lager in Town: Bentley Brewers Copper Vienna Lager

Bentley Brewing

The guys behind Bentley Brewers are no strangers to the brewing scene. The newly opened brewery has technically been in operation for 25 years. They started off as a Brew-On-Premise operation Brewer's Delight and when The Beer Store opened ownership to Ontario Brewers back in January they decided to take advantage of the offer and switch to a commercial brewery. 

We got the chance to discuss their views on the Beer Store (TBS) and their experience with the company so far. They said that dealing with TBS was, and continues to be a very good experience. Within a month of getting in touch with TBS, Bentley had their beer on the shelves of 5 local stores, which came at no cost them.  Surprisingly enough, they receive 80% of the profits from the beer sold.

That being said, they have had their share of hurdles throughout the process.  They made a point in explaining that TBS is run by a surprisingly small group of people, each wearing multiple hats. This makes getting required information or getting in touch with a specific person rather difficult. Overall, they were very happy with the service offered to them by TBS. 

Since our conversation a few weeks ago, they've now expanded to 12 Beer Stores across Ottawa as well as the Ottawa Distribution Centre, which will open the doors to offering their cans in local bars and restaurants. 

Daniel Herweyer, CEO and brewmaster  has been working with Bentley Brewers for the past 2 years. Growing up and working on a farm has given him an appreciation for pure natural ingredients which are apparent in their beer. His experience in a cold vegetable storage room also prepared him for the frigid temperatures that lagered beer ferments in.

Their Copper Lager, a Vienna Lager is a bright crisp and refreshing beer, that pairs very well with the summer sun and is a perfect post yardwork beverage.  They currently have no plans for producing other styles at the moment as their philosophy is to do something well and stick with that.  Not only is their product unique in the Ottawa craft beer market, it is also very reasonable priced at $2.55 for a 473ml can! 

When asked how he would describe his brewery, Daniel, with no hesitation, replied "consistent, classic and reliable."

You can purchase the Copper Lager in cans in 12 Beer Store locations in the Ottawa region. Bentley plans to  eventually be available through Brew Donkey and will sell also beer from their location on Bentley Avenue.

Our good friend and beer blogger Brian Papineau recently  reviewed the Cooper Lager. Check out his review on his website


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