BEER RELEASE: Whiprsnapr Slingr Beer – Collaboration with Garry Galley


  Slingr Beer

Whiprsnapr brewing co. is teaming up with Garry Galley, former NHL player and current  NHL television broadcaster to create the ‘slingr’ beer.

‘slingr’ is the  whiprsnapr angel, and she represents the battle with mental health. Garry has been a strong supporter of DIFD, and wants to create conversation about mental health. He hopes this campaign will speak to a new audience, and his ‘aim’ is to get people talking!

‘slingr’ is a smooth maple cream ale. We use real maple syrup to give it a subtle maple sweetness, and age the beer on maple wood chips to develop that earthy woodsy silky smooth taste. We had originally made this using maple sap from the father-in-laws sugar bush – instead of water. We brewed it using only base malts, and very little hops – just to see what kind of flavor the maple sap would deliver. There was an amazing light sweetness and distinct maple wood tone to the beer – it was simple and tasty.

Join Whiprsnapr Brewing and Garry Galley on Thursday August 20th from 4pm – 8pm at 14-106 Bexley Place for the launch of this special beer! 

More information available on their Facebook Event Page.

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