BEER & SCIENCE: Broadhead + Carleton Mass Spectrometry Centre = Beer

Broadhead & CMSC
It's been said many times that brewing beer is a science, but now it's definitely the case. On July 1st, Carleton Mass Spectrometry Centre (CMSC) launched a collaboration with Ottawa’s Broadhead Brewing Company. The new research facility’s inaugural project represents a fresh approach to partnerships between academia and industry.

The CMSC and Broadhead are in the middle of a six-month project exploring shelf life and storage temperature questions for the microbrewery. Using beer directly from the tank, mass spectrometry helps to obtain the molecular footprint of said beer and can help to analyze how the beer changes over time at different temperatures and in different types of containers.

As one of Broadheads owners, Josh Laroque, is a graduate of Carleton's Aerospace Engineering program, this was a perfect opportunity for Science and Beer to work together.  This will help Broadhead to better advise distributors and clients on how to handle their beer to ensure optimum freshness.

Naturally, a beer was brewed in honour of this partnership.

"Chromato" is an Oktoberfest Style beer "with a twist" . It is named after the Chromatogram generated by the CMSC analysis. Instead of using the traditional lagering yeast, it uses an ale yeast, giving it a more complex and robust flavour. Vienna malts bring a toasty sweetness which creates a smooth, warming and delicious beer.

You can purchase this beer at the Broadhead brewery and on tap around the city.

More information on the study can be found here.




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