FEATURE: An Interview with Paul Meek from Kichesippi Beer Company

The final edition of The Brewery Market will be a blow out with 8 breweries pouring beer – Ashton Brewing Company, Clocktower Brewpub, Kichesippi Beer Company, Mill Street Brewery,HogsBack Brewing Company, Whitewater Brewing Company, Barley Days and Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery. Kichesippi Beer Company may only be three years old, but in those three years they’ve become one of Ottawa’s best known craft breweries andContinue reading “FEATURE: An Interview with Paul Meek from Kichesippi Beer Company”

BEER FESTIVAL: The Ottawa Brewery Market // October Edition

Join us Sunday, October 20 at Parkdale Park for the triumphant, suds-soaked, final return of the Ottawa Brewery Market! Fill up on hometown pride by helping us empty kegs served by Ashton Brew Pub, Clocktower Brew Pub, Kichesippi, Mill Street Brewery, HogsBack, Whitewater and Barley Days. Flying Monkeys will be there representing the lovely MuskokaContinue reading “BEER FESTIVAL: The Ottawa Brewery Market // October Edition”

BEER RUN: Brewery-to-Brewery Charity Run

Beer Run 2013 is a 13.3km brewery-to-brewery run to five Ottawa breweries (Mill St. Brew Pub, Beyond The Pale, Clocktower Brew Pub, Kitchissippi Beer Co. and Big Rig Brewery).  All five breweries will be sampling their finest hand crafted beers and have its own unique atmosphere that will energize you for the next leg ofContinue reading “BEER RUN: Brewery-to-Brewery Charity Run”

BEER&MUSIC: Arboretum Arts Festival 2013

Arboretum Arts Festival 2013 kicks of today!  The festival is showcasing the city's best chefs in their CHEF SESSIONS, as well as curating some of the best established and underground acts in the city.  Some of their main musical acts include Ottawa's Jim Bryson, Arcade Fire's Sara Neufield, Owel Pallett (2006 Polaris winner), and 33Continue reading “BEER&MUSIC: Arboretum Arts Festival 2013”

FEATURE: IPA Day – Favourite IPAs of Ottawa Brewers

Happy IPA Day!  Today is the day where beer drinkers around the world raise their glass to one of the most iconic styles of beer –India Pale Ale.  While there aren't any #IPAday themed events happening in Ottawa there are plenty of pubs selling IPAs that were brewed close to home. To celebrate, we askedContinue reading “FEATURE: IPA Day – Favourite IPAs of Ottawa Brewers”

BEER TOUR: Your Microbrewery Tour

From the meetup.com site: If you feel like getting out on a local tour, join Ottawa Food and Beverage. Our first event is a Microbrewery Tour, Saturday August 24 from 1:30-6:30pm. For $30 you will taste close to 24 locally brewed beers. The tour visits 4 Microbreweries, where there are brewery tours, talks, a museumContinue reading “BEER TOUR: Your Microbrewery Tour”

FEATURE: Watson’s Mill Craft Beer – Organizer Isabelle Geoffrion

You've probably heard the rumblings that the mill in Manotick is hosting a craft beer festival with a few of our favourite local breweries and a some visiting ones too.  To get a better idea of what's happening at the mill we touched base with Isabelle Geoffrion, manager at Watson's Mill. What is the Watson's MillContinue reading “FEATURE: Watson’s Mill Craft Beer – Organizer Isabelle Geoffrion”