BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! The long weekend is here and many of us are celebrating it with a huge feast with family, friends and a few select beers. Thanks to the versatility of the ingredients used in beer – malt, yeast, hops and other spices – it can be the perfect accompaniment to a main dish, slabContinue reading “BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Thanksgiving Edition”

BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Oktoberfest Edition

We know it isn't October, so why is this month's blogger roundup called the Oktoberfest Edition?  Well, Oktoberfest really doesn't happen in October, well part of it doesn't.  Traditionally the two-week Oktoberfest celebration starts in mid-September and finishes the first week of October.  In the spirit of Oktoberfest we asked Ottawa's Beer Bloggers what theirContinue reading “BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Oktoberfest Edition”