Guided Beer Tastings

Offering Customized in-home Craft Beer Tastings!

Ottawa Beer Tastings

Are you looking for a unique opportunity for your next event? We can provide you with guided craft beer tastings in the comfort of your own home!

A great idea for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday parties, anniversaries or just a fun way for friends to get together.

Each two hour comprehensive beer tasting can be customized to your needs. We can walk you through the history of beer, a lesson on how it’s made as well or a tutorial on the many different styles. The most important part is the guided tasting! There are a multitude of tasting packages to suit your preferences!

We offer:

  • Private in-home or corporate event tastings.

  • Custom beer tasting events tailored to your event goals, group size and theme.

  • Gift certificates for future bookings.

Some information on the beer tastings:

How much is this tasting going to cost?

Contact us for more information as each session is uniquely priced based on number of participants etc.

How long does the tasting last?

Approximately 2 hours for the tasting and 1 hour for prep & clean up.

So are we basically just going to sit around and drink beer?

Each session will be customized to your preference based on the packages that we offer. Tasting packages generally include 5 beer samples of 5 oz per person – and you keep the leftovers of course to divvy up among yourselves!

Packages available:

  • Ottawa Craft Beers – discover some of the many great local beer in Ottawa
  • Beer from around the world – take a beer-y trip around the world, tasting well known international beer
  • Hop into IPAs – taste different kinds of IPA and learn about how varying hops can change the flavour!
  • A Trip to Belgium – from wit to dubbel, discovering what Belgian beer has to offer!
  • Others (Please contact to discuss customizing beer tastings)

Some topics that we can discuss are:

  • Learn how to identify flavors and speak ‘beer lingo’
  • Understand beer styles and the brewing process
  • Learn about beer history
  • Understand how to pair beer with food
  • Learn cool beer facts
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