BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! The long weekend is here and many of us are celebrating it with a huge feast with family, friends and a few select beers. Thanks to the versatility of the ingredients used in beer – malt, yeast, hops and other spices – it can be the perfect accompaniment to a main dish, slabContinue reading “BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Thanksgiving Edition”

BEER SCHOOL: The Prud’homme Beer Certification – Final Week

Our final session of the Prud'homme Beer Certification came to a close last week with a re-cap of all we've learned, some pre-exam beers to ease the tension of our final exam and my favorite part: the beer pairing.  Belgian beers were the theme for the final tasting, a great way to take our mindsContinue reading “BEER SCHOOL: The Prud’homme Beer Certification – Final Week”

BEER SCHOOL: The Prud’homme Beer Certification – Week 3

Week 3 of The Prud'homme Beer Certification had us discussing the proper storage and handling of draught beer. A lot of work goes into making sure someone gets the perfect pint. There's a plethora of different lines and do-hickeys that can be used to regulate the temperature and pressure of a draught system – inContinue reading “BEER SCHOOL: The Prud’homme Beer Certification – Week 3”

BEER RUN: Brewery-to-Brewery Charity Run

Beer Run 2013 is a 13.3km brewery-to-brewery run to five Ottawa breweries (Mill St. Brew Pub, Beyond The Pale, Clocktower Brew Pub, Kitchissippi Beer Co. and Big Rig Brewery).  All five breweries will be sampling their finest hand crafted beers and have its own unique atmosphere that will energize you for the next leg ofContinue reading “BEER RUN: Brewery-to-Brewery Charity Run”

FEATURE: Beau’s Oktoberfest Bike Ride

Oktoberfest is soon approaching and people are scrambling to secure rides to and from the Vankleek Hill Fairgrounds.  If you're comfortable on your bike, want a Beau's cycling jersey and want to support an awesome charity maybe this 94km Oktoberfest Ride is for you. We chatted with Lyndell Montgomery from Beau's All Natural Brewing CompanyContinue reading “FEATURE: Beau’s Oktoberfest Bike Ride”