Beau’s Releases Cask Haus Menu for Beau’s Oktoberfest!

 Cask ale or cask-conditioned beer is unfiltered and unpasteurised beer which is conditioned (including secondary fermentation) and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure.   As in previous years, at Beau's Oktoberfest this weekend there will a whole "haus"  filled with casks from breweries across Ontario and Quebec.    Here isContinue reading “Beau’s Releases Cask Haus Menu for Beau’s Oktoberfest!”

BEER&FOOD: Beau’s Brewmaster’s Bavarian Brunch

"Nurse Das Hangover! We'll be hosting a Bavarian-themed brunch at the brewery to cap off the 2013 Oktoberfest festivities. We invite all to share a meal and raise a glass in celebration on family & community. This all-ages event will feature all 9 Oktoberfest beers on tap, a full brunch menu as created by SeedContinue reading “BEER&FOOD: Beau’s Brewmaster’s Bavarian Brunch”

FEATURE: Oktoberfest Ottawa 2013 – Founder/President Dwight Brown

Breweries in Ottawa are busy brewing and stocking up beer for this year's Oktoberfest season.  In Ottawa you have your choice of three festivals – Oktoberfest Ottawa, Beau's Oktoberfest (in Vankleek Hill) and the much smaller Carp Oktoberfest.  In the spirit of the original 16-day festival in Munich you could attend all three, but youContinue reading “FEATURE: Oktoberfest Ottawa 2013 – Founder/President Dwight Brown”