BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Oktoberfest Edition

We know it isn't October, so why is this month's blogger roundup called the Oktoberfest Edition?  Well, Oktoberfest really doesn't happen in October, well part of it doesn't.  Traditionally the two-week Oktoberfest celebration starts in mid-September and finishes the first week of October.  In the spirit of Oktoberfest we asked Ottawa's Beer Bloggers what theirContinue reading “BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Oktoberfest Edition”

BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Reviews, Chicken and a Brewery Market

What's with brewers photobombing?  Benjamin Bercier from Cassel Brewery at the Brewery Market. This week Ottawa's beer bloggers were busy!  If they weren't attending the Brewery Market, they were busy reviewing beers, trying out new breweries or concocting a new beer-y recipe.  I hope they had time to relax and have a beer.. TonightContinue reading “BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Reviews, Chicken and a Brewery Market”

BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Hops and Coconut

Justin Da Silva speaking at the Barley's Angels Ottawa event, Hop Into Summer. Looking at what Ottawa beer blogosphere many were checking out HogsBack Brewing Co's new brew, ALOHOG Coconut Pale Ale, while others were learning about hops from Nickel Brook sales rep/Clocktower Brewpub brewer, Justin da Silva. Beer Maven: Alohog Pale Ale – HogsContinue reading “BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Hops and Coconut”