BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! The long weekend is here and many of us are celebrating it with a huge feast with family, friends and a few select beers. Thanks to the versatility of the ingredients used in beer – malt, yeast, hops and other spices – it can be the perfect accompaniment to a main dish, slabContinue reading “BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Thanksgiving Edition”

BEER SCHOOL: The Prud’homme Beer Certification – Final Week

Our final session of the Prud'homme Beer Certification came to a close last week with a re-cap of all we've learned, some pre-exam beers to ease the tension of our final exam and my favorite part: the beer pairing.  Belgian beers were the theme for the final tasting, a great way to take our mindsContinue reading “BEER SCHOOL: The Prud’homme Beer Certification – Final Week”

Growlers in Ottawa A growler is a container used to transport draught beer from one place or another. It can be made out of glass, ceramic or stainless steel and come in various sizes, from the 1.89 litre (64 oz) standard to 750 ml (25 oz) mini versions.  In Ottawa and the surrounding area itContinue reading

BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Reviews, Chicken and a Brewery Market

What's with brewers photobombing?  Benjamin Bercier from Cassel Brewery at the Brewery Market. This week Ottawa's beer bloggers were busy!  If they weren't attending the Brewery Market, they were busy reviewing beers, trying out new breweries or concocting a new beer-y recipe.  I hope they had time to relax and have a beer.. TonightContinue reading “BLOGGER ROUNDUP: Reviews, Chicken and a Brewery Market”

BEER RELEASE: Opa’s Gose by Beau’s All Natural Brew Co.

From the Beau's website (available today!): An unfiltered wheat beer brewed with sea salt and coriander, Opa’s Gose is a revival of an ancient beer style that originated in and around the Saxon capital of Leipzig. The Gose style takes its name from a river that flows through the town of Goslar, in Lower Saxony.Continue reading “BEER RELEASE: Opa’s Gose by Beau’s All Natural Brew Co.”