Clocktower Brew Pub IPA now on tap

  The Clocktower Brewpub  IPA is back on tap! It clocks in at an ABV of 5.5%  and 50 IBU's.  Tasting Notes:  Our classic English style IPA has a rich caramel color, due to the presence of caramel malt.  It has a complex bitterness unique to our IPA ; however it does remain soft and flavorfulContinue reading “Clocktower Brew Pub IPA now on tap”

FEATURE: IPA Day – Favourite IPAs of Ottawa Brewers

Happy IPA Day!  Today is the day where beer drinkers around the world raise their glass to one of the most iconic styles of beer –India Pale Ale.  While there aren't any #IPAday themed events happening in Ottawa there are plenty of pubs selling IPAs that were brewed close to home. To celebrate, we askedContinue reading “FEATURE: IPA Day – Favourite IPAs of Ottawa Brewers”